Friday, April 3, 2009

*** Doors ***




These doors are beautiful on their own, but, are in need of a
Spring Adornment


Of course this little birdie giveaway (see previous day post)
would be cute...

But, I'm thinking maybe a beautiful wreath would be a colourful Welcome!

These wreaths would make my door look happy.
I found these on Etsy at
The Keepers House

Hope you can join kari & kijsa and myself for the
"Doors to Adore" Party
I would love to see all of your Spring ornaments.


  1. I love all these images - fabulous doors but I agree they would look even prettier with a little birdie. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  2. I'm came over from K & K's and I am adoring the doors already! Can't wait for the party. Now I'm off to give my own front door a little TLC!

  3. Love these wreaths (and those are some fabulous doors too!!)
    kari & kijsa

  4. Beautiful wreaths...beautiful doors! I'd love to join your party!
    I so enjoyed my visit to your pretty blog!
    Happy April!

  5. Lovely wreaths! In Australia we don't really get in to wreaths much, unfortunately, except at Christmas time.

  6. Are you going to have Mr. Linky?

    I want to join in!

  7. Hey... first of all...what snow?? We are just getting alot of rain, I can't believe your less than an hour from me and your getting snow!! Now..this is soooo weird, I have a big door fetish, when we go to Ireland I take soooo many photos of doors and everyone thinks I am mad!! Our old computer caught on fire(long story)and took all our photos with it... but maybe I could take photos of my photos?? I am working tomorrow but I will try to do a door post... if not maybe on Wed,thanks so much for coming by..oh and if you have'nt guessed yet , I love this post!!!! All the best, Chrissy

  8. Beautiful doors, beautiful wreaths! I think my favorite has the purple violets on the wreath! Thank you for the invitation to join in, but I had eye surgery and haven't been able to put something together - yet!


  9. Thank you for hosting such a fun event. Your doors are just beautiful. You can tell that doors are your passion. Mine too.



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