Wednesday, May 27, 2009

*** Villa Bella ***

Meaning, Beautiful Home
I recently purchased this gem of a sign from
Paula, at Castle and Cottage Signs
It is hanging above my back entrance sliding doors which
needs a curtain of some sort. I've still to make it. Of course it's the old story
of the shoemakers family not having shoes. In this case it's the
Drapery Maker not making the time for her own home window coverings.
Not entirely true, but pretty close.

Here are a few of my favorite things in my home.
Recently I have taken an interest in Milk glass.
I've been able to find this glass fairly easily at garage sales,
and for pennies.
I'll be using these for floral arrangements.

I usually fill this terrine with large flowers.

This little curio cabinet has it's contents changed occasionally.

This rocking chair was a 1st purchase my husband and I made together.
I recently had it upholstered with a crewel embroidered fabric.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. I loved peeking in your home :) Paula is just amazing, isn't she? I have four of her signs in my home. They are all just dreamy!

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week :)


  2. Good Morning,

    I'm going to have to contact that Paula. I so need a MaidenShade sign, or 3! What fabulous stuff you have. TY for sharing.

    It's been a very challenging week here at MaidenShade. Working through blog issues, thinking of possible posts - and rueing the fact I'm not visiting everyone. Please, don't forget about me; )

    Today's post is on some basics of HTML just in case that is something you're interested in. It does come in handy for working in blog posts, webpages, and listings if you have a store.


  3. The sign is great and I have to say your large terrine is beautiful. It looks like it's seen some life. Is it old or just made to look that way? You have some wonderful things in your home, thanks for the peek!

  4. Thankyou Darlene for mentioning me & my signs:)
    you are too sweet!
    the milk glass collection brings back a sweet memory of my grandmothers...thankyou:)

  5. I love the milk glass also. My favorite quick home pick me up is big hydrangeas in a vase or a big bunch of white or pink carnations.

  6. Hi Darlene!
    Love your favorite things.....especially the terrine...that is really interesting looking! I have a collection of milk glass which is so appealing especially displayed as a group....unfortunately I'm out of display space! I wanted to thank you for stopping by and giving your suggestion on what to do with my postcards.....I love the shabby chic look and that would work in that bedroom....which also has creamy linen in it....appreciate your input! Take care, Laura

  7. Hi Darlene!
    Thanks for all your nice comments at my blog!
    It's so exciting having a follower in Canada:)

    What nice pictures, I like the beatiful terrine very much!

    Have a nice sunday,


  8. Hi I've enjoyed looking at all your lovely things , thankyou I'll be back .

  9. Hey neighbour!!! Love that sign, really good post, hope you have a great weekend,Chrissy


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