Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vintage Tablecloth Roman

 Roman Blind from a
Vintage Table cloth, An undetailed Tutorial

I have made many a project with vintage fabrics, be it part of an old dress,
hankie, lace, drape, bedding.



To make this Roman Blind a vintage table cloth has been used.
Firstly, you must prepare the fabric by bleaching and washing out any stains.
The next step is to patiently iron and steam until the piece is wrinkle free.
This is where weights come in handy.
Stretch from all four corners... steam, steam steam.


Cut the fabric ( finished size plus turn back).  I allow 2 inches to turn under for the sides.
For the Hem I allow 3 inches turn under where the dowel will be inserted. 
Allow 1" at the top to turn back with the soft side velcro.  The hard side velcro will be on 
on the board which will be mounted to the window.

I've used a Block out lining for this blind as it is for a bedroom window.
The sides are hand stitched for a smooth unpuckered finish.

Rows of Rings are added and strung with cording.


The finished and mounted blind.

The mounting of the blind to the window will be in
a future tutorial.

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